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Areas of Operation


Soluxx GmbH was established as a spin-off company of the University of Cologne in 2008. It is a small company with currently 7 employees. The company initially worked in the field of organic electronics such as organic LEDs (OLEDs), solar cells (OSC) or field effect transistors (OFET). The expertise in this area includes R&D, synthesis of hole-conducting materials, development and fabrication of accessories and instruments for OLED characterisation and manufacturing of OLED installations for illumination.

Precision mechanics & Electronics

Over the years Soluxx has gained widespread expertise in precision mechanics and electronics and has produced a wide variety of special measurement equipment for analytics and electrospray coating machinery comprising mechanical design and fabrication, automation of 3D-movement, IO-interfacing (sensors, motors, actuators, etc.), and also low-level and GUI-programming. We will tailor any mechanical equipment according to your needs with high precision.

Medical equipment & MR compatibility

In Addition, Soluxx expanded its expertise in terms of medical engineering equipment. Here, in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Holger Grüll from the university hospital Cologne Soluxx has successfully designed and fabricated several MRT-compatible devices such as an automated MR-compatible breathing phantom for children’s lungs, MR-compatible orthosis and (currently under construction) a small-animal coil for MR-research.

Just recently Soluxx has further expanded its team with respect to construction and electronics.

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