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OLED Illumination

OLED panel

Light source of the future

Self-luminous wallpapers, ceiling-integrated big-area lighting or glass panes converting into a monitor by the push of a button are components interior designers and decorators dream of. According to experts, Organics LEDs (OLEDs) can fulfil these wishes within the next 10 years. In contrast to common light sources, OLEDs allow the fabrication of homogeneous, large area luminaires without using optical systems.

Today, commercially available OLED panels reach illumination areas of up to 100cm2. With an efficacy of around 50 lm/W, OLEDs are many times as efficient as light bulbs and as efficient as energy saving lamps. At the moment, the lifetime of OLEDs reaches 10,000 hours. It is expected, that OLEDs with larger dimensions will be available soon. At the same time the efficiency of OLEDs will increase, while the production costs will decrease.

Our Products/Services

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Below you can see a choice of our OLED luminaires and installations. All luminaires can be customized in terms of used materials, color and dimming control in order to provide an individual an unique lamp according to your desires.

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